Sustainability & circular economy

5Loops midterm goal is to implement sustainability as a circular economy with the following concept:

Products will be based on Bio Acetate S70. This is a material based on cellulose, more precisely wood pulp or cotton. Regular acetate contains a lower percentage of cellulose than Bio Acetate S70 and needs to be mixed with chemicals like plasticizers (phthalates), which can be toxic and cause reproductive and general health issues. Additionally, normal acetate contributes to micro plastics found in the oceans. Bio Acetate S70 contains less chemicals, instead using more bio-based substances. It is also biodegradable. Consequently, it is not toxic and it does not contribute to ocean micro plastics.

5Loops has chosen Bio Acetate S70 as the raw material from which to produce all its glasses. It is renewable, recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable and bio-based. All these factors make Bio Acetate S70 the ideal material for our glasses. They are safe for everyone (even children). Everyone can wear them with confidence. Confidence in the knowledge that the environment has not and will not suffer from their production.


Bio Acetate S70 is 62 % bio-based

ASTM D6866 tested » ASTM D6866 was developed in the 
United States as a standardized analytical method for determining the bio-based content of solid, liquid, and 
gaseous samples using radiocarbon dating

Biodegradable » ISO 14855 – this is a method for determining the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions via gravimetric measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide evolved

Free from harmful plasticizers » diethyl phthalate (DEP) free

Hardness enhanced » hardness enhanced cellulose acetate (HECA) makes our frames more durable and resistant which means 5Loops frames don’t change shape or become brittle. Additionally, Bio Acetate S70 is produced with a reduced carbon footprint because it is not based on fossil fuels. Its bio-based content therefore helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Circular economy

Bio-based frame and lens production (as far as available):
bio-based means we help reduce dependency of fossil derived resources (that are non-renewable) and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as plants use CO2 during their growth

Frames made of Bio Acetate S70 which can be sent back to 5Loops for either refurbishing, composting or recycling » based on condition of glasses frames these will be either collected to support social projects in Peru or sent for composting or recycling to specialized companies

OBE hinges made of nickel and silver alloy

Glasses frame cases and cleaning cloth made 100 % from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) which can be recycled through the established plastic recycling system


Please send us your ‘old’ 5Loops glasses and we will refurbish and send them where they are needed most – pictures will be shared through our Instagram account and via our website.

Address to send back all 5Loops glasses
TrendsByTwins GmbH
Winklerring 3
85630 Grasbrunn

To guarantee and control the sustainability of all elements and production aspects of 5Loops, we have engage a company for regular audits and control. Producing glasses made of Bio Acetate S70 in Europe is extremely challenging at this current time due to the availability and affordability of raw materials. Ideally, we will transfer the production of 5Loops eyewear to Europe in the foreseeable future to reduce our CO2 footprint, 
as well as become ‘independent’ from overseas production regulations.

We believe it is our duty to think about what will happen with our product once its life cycle has ended and how it will thereby be re-entered into the economy as either refurbished glasses, composted or recycled. Thinking only how to produce and sell a product sustainably is not sufficient – we must go beyond to the very end.

5Loops will continuously search for new ways to being more sustainable, learn more about circular economy and influence society to look for brands who live this concept as we do.