5 Loops products will be based on BioAcetate S70 (link to page): This is a material based on cellulose, more precisely wood pulp or cotton. The regular acetate has less percentage of cellulose than BioAcetate S70 and needs to be mixed with chemicals like plasticizers (phthalates) which can be toxic and cause reproductive and general health issues. Additionally, normal Acetate contributes to the micro plastics found in the oceans. BioAcetate S70 uses less chemicals, instead uses more bio based substances and is also biodegradable. Consequently, it is not toxic and it does not contribute to ocean micro plastics.

5 Loops has chosen BioAcetate S70 as the raw material to produce all its glasses because it is renewable, recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable and biobased. All these factors make BioAcetate S70 the ideal material for our glasses because they are safe for everyone (even children) and we can wear them with confidence due to the fact that we know the environment has not suffered by its production and it will not cause any harm later either.